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Precision Pro Dual-Lip Liner Sharpener

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The days of dull lip liner are behind us! Like, who wants a dull tip? NOT US! Our convenient Precision Pro Dual-Lip Liner Sharpener is the essential tool for sharpening pencils of all sizes. Two hole sizes fit all kinds of pencils, perfect for any tip. Say that with a straight face. The removable cover captures all shavings for an easy, clean sharpening. 

This product includes (1) Precision Pro Dual-Lip Liner Sharpener.

Buy any 3 lip liners, and receive a free Precision Pro Dual-Lip Liner Sharpener! Simply add it to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied.

Tips & Tricks

To ensure for a precise sharpen, make sure there's nothing caught or blocking the inside of the sharpener. Conveniently, there is a removable plastic stick to help remove any blockage. Simply push any congestion from the top of the sharpener, where it will be caught below the sharpener. Easily remove the bottom to clean out, and enjoy a precise sharpen! 

To take the covers off, simply pull apart gently. To put it back together, gently push it back into place.

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